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Text List 1.2.9

No Image list. By this program you can create and manage a todo list, a list of keywords, email addresses etc. Save the created list and give it to others for view, correction. Also it is convenient to make a list of words or phrases separated by a comma, by a semicolon or by whatever you want. There are also tools to generate file lists, numeric lists, perform list operations. In all cases you deal with a text list, a phrase list or just a word list this

AlbionXP 1.2: Electronic English explanatory dictionary
AlbionXP 1.2

word in any document by selecting it and pressing a special key combination or by typing the word in the search box. Listen to them spoken. AlbionXP employs text-to-speech technology so you can hear how any headword is spoken. Create word lists for our vocabulary builder Vocabilis. Use AlbionXP to store the list of word meanings you looked up. AlbionXP can automatically save the word list as a Vocabilis word list file. Create as many word lists as

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InfoPro 1.2.7: InfoPro manages bits and pieces of info without having to manage multiple files.
InfoPro 1.2.7

to-do list. Use it to collect notes. Use it to manage bits and pieces of information. Store notes that cannot be easily collected or organized. Use it as a shopping list. Use it as a free-form information organizer. What are the benefits of using this product? The Word processor included in this program has full Word 95/97/2000/XP Word XP* Compatibility. You can share data with Word 2000/XP without any loss of information. Ability to embed an Excel

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Word List Maker 3.8: Compile word lists from the internet with Word List Maker.
Word List Maker 3.8

word lists from web sites on the fly. Sort lists by word frequency to immediately discover which words are most common. This is a great tool for making vocabulary lists for children to learn and thereby increase their reading abilities. Use this tool to help you discover and understand the different writting fingerprints and styles that exist in cyberspace. Word List Maker is a simple yet effective tool for creating lists of words. Simply browse

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Word List Expert 3.2: This software will make it up to 200% easier To Improve Your Vocabulary!
Word List Expert 3.2

Tool to create a word list from any given body of text and translate or look for unknow words at on line dictionary. Language learning Tool. Easy software to improve your vocabulary or learn a foreign language faster. Letter frequency and word frequency counter. Make word list with 1 click and export to Excel, clipboard or text file. Look for specific words or words with n number of letters. Benefits: Improve Your Vocabulary. Learn a Foreign Language

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MS Word Recovery 11.01.01: Make Word file recovery made easy with Kernel for Word
MS Word Recovery 11.01.01

Word recovery software is also suitable for performing recovery from password protected Word documents but for doing so, the user must know the password. The MS Word recovery software uses quick algorithms to make Word recovery process fast and accurate. For recovery, Kernel for Word supports almost all versions of MS Word including MS Word 2010, MS Word 2007, MS Word 2003, MS Word XP, MS Word 2000 and MS Word 97. The free evaluation version of MS

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Key word search SEO tool 005: Key word search SEO tool
Key word search SEO tool 005

words. For better results I distiller this list and find word frequency. The frequency word list will show the next: So you can find the words "adult, hentai" . This words are close by the word "flash games". How the "Key Words Search Tool" work Write the name of the project. Write a set of key words for research. Press the button "Actions" -> "Request one key word" At the table "Parsed Key words" you will receive a list of words. At the table "Overture

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